School Rules.png

Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of Pre-K rules and regulations. All rules will serve in the best interest of all and lead to the avoidance of confusion.

  • We will line up outside of our classroom (side entrance- on concrete) at 8:15a.m. Please do stand on side steps or in front of the door.

  • If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is to pick up a child, please notify us in advance. All notifications must be in writing.

  • Parents are asked to wait outside the main entrance of the school for the children to be dismissed. They will be dismissed together as a class at 11:00a.m. or 2:30p.m. depending on which session they attend. Parents will be asked to sign children out on a sign out sheet.

  • We encourage an open parent- teacher relationship. Please feel free to make an appointment to share a talent, read a story or just visit.

  • All children must be potty trained but accidents do happen so please place a change of clothing in a zip lock bag labeled with your child’s name. Please include underwear, socks, shorts/pants and a shirt.

NO personal toys are to be brought into the classroom. “Show and Tell” dates will be announced.
  • We are asking that each parent send in a snack for their child each day. Please see the suggestion list for ideas for daily snack. We encourage keeping the snacks well balanced and nutritious. Water is provided daily.